Discover Christmas Tree Trends to Avoid in 2023!

Are you wondering about Christmas tree trends for 2023? Here's everything you need to know to make your holiday season merry and bright.

Avoid the Thin, Sparse Tree

The less-than-ideal Christmas tree to have in your for the coming is a thinly packed, sparse tree with visible branches. This type of tree lacks the thickness to hold up your cherished ornaments, and, it breaks the holiday magic.

Recommended Christmas Tree Types

Instead of settling for a flimsy tree, opt for a traditional spruce. This particular tree boasts an intense green color that captures the eye and a scent that's synonymous with holiday cheer. Another viable option is the Nordmann tree. Known for its , this touffy tree can withstand the weight of your favorite decorations without wilting.

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Trendy Tree Alternatives

If you're looking for a contemporary twist to your Christmas decorations, there are a few trendy alternatives to the conventional Christmas tree. For the enthusiast, a self-made wooden tree is a chic and creative option. You might also consider embellishing existing interior elements like your fireplace or with festive decorations. This not only adds a touch of holiday spirit to your home but also maximizes space.

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Decorations to Avoid in 2023

In addition to your choice of tree, your selection of decorations can make or break your holiday décor. In 2023, here are a few Christmas decorations you should steer clear of:

  • Cotillons: Not only are these hard to remove, but they also create a mess.
  • Wooden Christmas village: This is now considered passé.
  • Multicolored light garlands: These are visually unpleasant and can disturb the overall aesthetic of your décor.
  • Overload of Christmas decorations: Overcrowding your space with decorations can lead to a cluttered, rather than enchanting, look.
  • Animated Santa Claus: This decoration is completely out of style, and can give your décor a dated feel.
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