We’re Thankful For…

Nov 24, 2009

We at Hometown Pasadena talked amongst ourselves about what we’re thankful for here, and we wanted to share our short list for the Thanksgiving holiday. Here’s one hometown thing each of us is thankful for — except that some of us just couldn’t keep it to one thing.

City Hall at night

City Hall at night

Mel Malmberg: The way Pasadena fosters community. I think of the school communities (like the one Tom Fry created at Flintridge Prep), the Hometown Pasadena community, the Jones Coffee community, the church communities… the list goes on. All these wonderful little groups of people coalesce and get something done, like the Fork in the Road, which came out of the Coffee Gallery community. Also, I’m thankful for the alpenglow on the San Gabriels at this time of year, and the little yellow leaves on North Hill that swirl like gold coins.

Caroline Purvis: City Hall at night. It’s uplit so beautifully. You can see it from all around, but when you turn onto Holly heading east, it’s just breathtaking.

Colleen Bates: The intelligence. My life here has been enriched, informed and elongated thanks to so many smart people: the Caltech and Oxy professors, the JPL scientists, the doctors and techs in and around Huntington Hospital, the teachers at my children’s schools, the people who make our arts institutions thrive and, of course, my fellow Hometown Pasadena writers.

Pitcairn House at Westridge

Pitcairn House at Westridge

Mary Jane Horton: Westridge School. This is my daughter Chloe’s senior year, and as we look ahead to college, I am so thankful for the nurturing and motivating people who have seen to her amazing education. Can I be thankful for two things? I want to add Gale’s Restaurant. They always treat me — and everyone — like a VIP, and they have a stuffed artichoke I could not live without.

Daniel Siegal: Three things. Those August nights when it’s 74 degrees with a breeze, and the sky is glowing with the lights of L.A. That I can go hiking in a canyon and then go get authentic Chinese food. And that the more Pasadena changes, the more it stays the same.

Jill Ganon: The Casting Pond and the Arroyo. I say this on behalf of one generation of fantastically filthy and soggy little boys and two generations of dogs.


Fall at Huntington Gardens

Sandy Gillis: The bounty of botanic gardens. Here to delight, inform and support are the L.A. County Arboretum, Descanso Gardens, Huntington Botanical Gardens, Eaton Canyon Nature Center and Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden.

William Goldstein: The San Gabriel Mountains, the Academy 6 and the Buccaneer. The mountains are always where I want them to be. The Academy 6 charges me only $3 to see movies I was too lazy and cheap to see earlier for $11. And the Buc because life would be incomplete without a pirate dive, so life in Sierra Madre is complete.

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  1. Matt Hormann says:

    Love the Academy. I wish there were more like it left.



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