Urban Archeology at Stern Gallery

Jun 9, 2009
High Gain Variation, by John David Thomas

High Gain Variation, by James David Thomas

If you’re on the Frederic Stern Gallery’s e-mail list, we know where you’re heading Saturday night, but if you’ve not yet made your way to this simple, sparkling gallery — what are you waiting for? Typically, the bright white walls are hung with a mix of historic, modern and contemporary California art. Saturday’s opening is devoted to the paintings of James David Thomas, who trained an exacting eye on the beaches and freeways and hills of Southern California. This is a wonderful show — and isn’t there something powerful about viewing a number of paintings from a single artist?

To quote the man himself: “These pieces are a meditation on a time and place. The human overlay, or archeology, becomes an integral part of a place’s understanding. A view from the 405 freeway, an overlook from the Hollywood Hills. Scale, and the transient light that pervades the place, gives it a timelessness and transitory feeling that is more often than not overlooked.”

A little culture on a Saturday night and plenty of time to go out for dinner afterwards. Perfect.

Frederic Stern Gallery
Opening Reception – Urban Archeology: Works by James David Thomas
Saturday, June 13, 5 – 8 p.m.
55 W. Del Mar Blvd., Pasadena

— Jill Ganon


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