Three Cheers for Hyperlocal!

Sep 4, 2010

“Hyperlocal” is one of the buzz words du jour, the new hope of battered journalism everywhere. We’re doing it here in Pasadena for arts, community, culture and food; Altadenablog is doing it with real hometown devotion in Altadena; and now comes Alhambra Source, a most impressive new site. In fact, it’s the most impressive hyperlocal journalism site we’ve ever seen.

Dreamed up by forward-thinking folks at USC’s Annenberg School for Journalism & Communication, Alhambra Source is a full-fledged community newspaper that exists only online—and has content in three languages, English, Mandarin and Spanish. It has a strong team of writers (including restaurant reviews from respected bloggers Two Hungry Pandas), and it welcomes community contributions yet stays professional in tone, look and content.

Even if you don’t live in Alhambra, check it out. It will inspire you to explore it a lot more.

1 Response for “Three Cheers for Hyperlocal!”

  1. It really does look great. Three cheers for Hometown Pasadena and Altadenablog as well.



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