This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Yoga

Apr 13, 2011

I do love the calming, de-stressing and strengthening effects of yoga… but sometimes find it just a little too quiet. So I decided to try Pasadena’s new workout craze, YogaHop. It’s the same poses you are used to, except they’re combined with heart-pumping jams, and you move through the poses quickly in time to music—read: get ready to sweat a lot. The clean, modern studio is located in Old Pasadena, in a renovated basement underneath Lush and right across Mercantile Alley from the Raymond parking structure.

YogaHop is not for the faint of heart. The pace is fast pace, and the pushups and ab-workout sets interspersed through the yoga poses ensured that I’d be feelin’ it the next day. Just be sure to bring water and get ready to feel a little shaky afterward; and if you like to be pushed, you’ll find it worthwhile. I came to my first class in a less-than-wonderful mood and left even lighter of heart than I do after a standard yoga class. The next day I was sore but aware of the calming effects of this somewhat surprising mix of old-world postures and the musical stylings of 50 Cent and Usher.

YogaHop promises increased flexibility and strength and a significant decrease in body fat (I’d settle for the first two, but certainly won’t be complaining about the latter), and I can’t wait to see where the next two weeks of unlimited classes for 30 bucks (first-timers’ special) takes me. If only the continuing prices were more affordable. Of course, I’m a student in my 20s, so my idea of what’s affordable is different from many other Pasadenans. So if $300 for two months of unlimited classes sounds reasonable, give it the $30 two-week try and then commit. (And they do offer a 10% student discount.)

There are still times when I’d chose more traditional yoga with a guided meditation, but if I want to de-stress and sweat, I’ll head for YogaHop.

26 E. Colorado Blvd. (enter on Mercantile Alley), Old Pasadena



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