These Birdly Delights

Jun 9, 2015
By Rosie Garcia

“Squawking Raven” by Rosie Garcia

The ancient Chinese philosophy Taoism (also known as Daoism) believes that a three legged red crow which lives in the sun symbolises the Great Triad which is the three great powers of being: Man, Heaven and Earth. (

The Egyptian god Atum chose a bird to represent the moment of creation while birds of prey were symbols of victorious conquest for the Vikings and Goths. (

Birds “because of their amazing power of flight, are revered as bringers of messages and symbols of change. They include song birds, water birds and birds of prey.” (


"Ornithomancer" by Laura Cosner

“Ornithomancer” by Laura Cosner


In religion, mythology, music, and visual art, birds are everywhere—including at Cactus Gallery’s 7th annual bird-themed group show, “These Birdly Delights.”

This show features an eclectic collection of media: oil and acrylic on canvas and wood, mixed media on canvas and wood, hand embroidery, paper mache, linocut prints, pencil, pen, and ink on paper, prismacolor, chalk pastel and colored pencil on paper and mylar, polymer clay and paper clay art dolls and sculptures, hand stitched felt, paper cut outs, wood carving, forged jewelry and mixed media sculpture. (Cactus Gallery)

The show opens June 13th and runs through July 7th.


By Joe Alvarez

“Californios” by Joe Alvarez


“These Birdly Delights”
Opens Saturday, June 13th; runs through July 7th
Cactus Gallery, 3001 N. Coolidge Ave., Frogtown/Elysian Valley 90039
Free admission
For more info, visit event Facebook page
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Cactus Gallery


Some of the artists have created birdhouses, including the one below by Elisa Belloni…




“Barn Owl” by Julie B.


"Fridita los cotorros" by Gabriela Zapata

“Fridita los cotorros” by Gabriela Zapata


"City Bird" by Stephanie Brockway

“City Bird” by Stephanie Brockway


"The Keybearer" by Lea Barozzi

“The Keybearer” by Lea Barozzi


"Quetzal #1" by Ulla Anobile

“Quetzal #1” by Ulla Anobile



"Quetzal #1" (detail) by Ulla Anobile

“Quetzal #1” (detail) by Ulla Anobile


By Kelly Thompson

Artist: Kelly Thompson






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