The Surreality of La Cañada

Aug 28, 2009

I just got back from a chiropractor appointment in La Cañada (Tom Sawyer, in case you’re wondering), and it is ever surreal there right now. Flames are clearly visible on the ridgelines from Foothill Boulevard, ash and smoke is everywhere, helicopters are dumping water… and on Foothill Boulevard, everyone is going about their business, stopping at the cleaners, shopping at Trader Joe’s, getting money at the ATM. I needed gas and stopped at the Shell on Angeles Crest, watching flames and smoke while pumping gas. It’s pretty freaky, I’ve got to say.

The view from the 210 Freeway toward La Cañada

The view from the 210 Freeway toward La Cañada

Flames seen from Angeles Crest just above Foothill

Flames seen from Angeles Crest just above Foothill

7 Responses for “The Surreality of La Cañada”

  1. Ben Wideman says:

    Thanks for your perspective. I’m going to link to it on my blog post today.

  2. […] fires, particularly our friends in La Canada.  To get an idea of the size of the fires, check out these photos from Hometown Pasadena, or watch Danica’s video of the La Canada fire (and follow @LA_fires on Twitter for more): […]

  3. Kathy H says:

    La Canada’s been unnervingly surreal this year. The accident in April was the other horrific event. At least no structures have been burned and no people have been hurt in this case.

  4. Ann Erdman says:

    Everybody stay safe and smart out there!

  5. LCF looked a lot worst this afternoon compared to the morning. I almost didn’t even notice the fire in the morning!

  6. Every city should have a girl like KCher, aka Kathy.

  7. 10:30 p.m. on Friday, flames are shooting up. Fires range for a few miles, and it’s clearly moving east into the Altadena hills. Worried about JPL and La Vina.



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