The League of Extraordinary Women

Mar 7, 2011

Monica Hubbard and flowers

Sounds like a good name for a comic book, doesn’t it? But while the women of the League of Women Voters don’t appear to have any superpowers—and in fact more than a few need walkers or the elbows of friends to get around—they have undoubtably made life in our Gotham a lot better.

The Pasadena League had a shindig on Sunday afternoon to celebrate three things: Its 75th anniversary, the 100th anniversary of women getting the right to vote in California, and the 91st anniversary of national suffrage for women. That’s right, California was nine years ahead of the nation.

To celebrate the occasion, a sold-out crowd of perhaps 300 gathered at the Athenaeum to wear nametags, sip wine, see old friends, listen to Dixieland jazz and, finally, hear the obligatory speakers. These were three in number, and they were blessedly succinct and suitably inspirational, especially League president Yvonne Pine and Congresswoman Judy Chu, a dynamic speaker who credited her first political success (for City Council in Monterey Park during a particularly contentious time) to a forum organized by the calm, nonpartisan, nonprofit League, whose motto is “Democracy Is Not a Spectator Sport.” The third speaker, Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard, paid suitable tribute to the political will of his wife, Claire, a longtime League member and volunteer (as is her husband). Finally the who gang gave thanks and huge bouquet of flowers to League member Monica Hubbard, for volunteer work above and beyond the norm.

Lots of local pols showed up: Representatives Carol Liu and Anthony Portantino, Congressman Adam Schiff’s woman-about-town, Theresa Lamb, PUSD Superintendent Edwin Diaz, Pasadena City Council Members Steve Madison and Jacque Robinson, former Attorney General John Van de Kamp, and various city council and school board members from La Cañada, Monrovia, Pasadena and environs.

We came away inspired to do two things:

1. VOTE on March 8th in Pasadena’s election.

2. JOIN this historic and still-important organization, which is now co-ed and which provides an oasis of calm in a sea of demagogy. They provide unbiased election information, sponsor candidate forums, monitor elections, work to ensure fairness in redistricting, and much more.



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