Susan Campoy Passes On

Mar 6, 2009

I just posted this on, and for obvious reasons it bears running on, too:

Susan Campoy. Photo by Emily Sandor.

Susan Campoy; photo by Emily Sandor.

I am sorrowed to report the death of Sue Campoy, the founder and chef at Julienne. I’ve been working with Sue these last several months to help her write her upcoming cookbook, Celebrating with Julienne, which was produced and designed by Joseph Shuldiner, photographed by Emily Sandor, with recipe testing by Rochelle Palermo and lots of help from Julie Campoy, Sue’s business partner and one of her four daughters. It is going to be an absolutely gorgeous and wonderful book, a tribute to her talent and her love of cooking, entertaining, family and friends. It breaks our collective hearts that she will not be there for the publication party in May. 

In her decades of catering and restaurateuring, she touched the lives and stomachs of thousands and thousands of Angelenos. Not only has Pasadena lost a favorite daughter, but all of Los Angeles has lost a culinary guiding light. If you knew her and want to acknowledge her, please consider a donation (of money or blood) to City of Hope, where she received outstanding care in her long battle with breast cancer.

The Los Angeles Times has posted a very good obituary, although it does have a few small mistakes—for instance, she did not write the cookbook from her hospital bed, she wrote it while running the restaurant, creating the kitchen at the Good Shepherd Center, having chemotherapy and doing the several thousand other things she did. By the time she was in the hospital, the book was written and was in the final editing stages.

4 Responses for “Susan Campoy Passes On”

  1. Susan C says:

    I didn’t know Susan personally, but I was very sad to read the LA Times obit. this morning. I wrote about her passing on my blog too.

    Is Prospect Books publishing her cookbook?

  2. colleen says:

    Sue published the book herself (it’s being printed now), and Prospect Park Books will be distributing it. It’ll be out in May, hopefully for Mother’s Day, which is what Sue wanted. It’s a great book. By a great woman.

  3. Colleen, I’m sorry to read this one. I know you mean what you say about her and you’re proud of your work with her on this book.

  4. mary ann taylor says:

    I would very much like a copy of Susan’s cook book. I attended San Gabriel Mission with her and also attended our 50th class reunion together with our class members.
    Please let know the cost of the book and if there are still copies available.
    Contact me by e-mail.
    Thank you,
    Mary Ann Taylor



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