See a Teahouse Being Built—Vicariously

Dec 2, 2011

Building the tatami mats for the Japanese Teahouse

Vimeo it’s called. Team Vimeo is 57 filmmakers and video creators who had a desire to share their works. This has grown into a community that values quality over novelty, whose members are supportive and encouraging and have a wide array of interests.

Vimeo member and Pasadena photographer Michael Stern has created a time-lapse video documenting the building of the new teahouse at the the Huntington Botanical Gardens. Rather than the small herd of cows that inhabited the original San Marino ranch, these famed gardens now cover 120 acres and attract visitors from all over the world.

A year-long renovation leading up to the Japanese Garden‘s centennial in spring 2012 includes the installation of a ceremonial teahouse called “The Arbor of Pure Breeze.” Originally built in 1964 at the Pasadena Buddhist Cultural Center, it was donated to the Huntington, dismantled, and then completely restored. The reassembling of the teahouse is the plot behind Michael Stern’s video project.

A total of eight chapters (five posted now, three more to come) follow the detailed and precise building process . To see all the action, follow this link to



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