Rover Roving the Arroyo

Aug 19, 2010

Our friend Bruce Moision, a JPL engineer, tipped us off that JPL/NASA is testing the latest Mars Rover, named Athlete, in the upper Arroyo– and this Rover will be roving the Arroyo tomorrow, Friday, if you’d like to go spy it in action. Here’s a photo of the Rover they’re testing; Bruce is going to try to take some action photos tomorrow to share with us.

And for a sense of just how aptly named Athlete is, check out this very cool video from NASA:

8 Responses for “Rover Roving the Arroyo”

  1. jbstephens says:

    That clip is awesome. It’s about time JPL/NASA started producing music videos. Where and when are the sending this thing?

  2. lovejoyart says:

    Watching the clouds jump back & forth in the background convinces me that the moonwalk was not staged by NASA engineers. The rover’s cool too…

  3. Hat tip to @htpasadena for this #Friday must-see event @NASAJPL will be testing the latest Mars rover in the Arroyo!

  4. RT @RoseMagazine: Hat tip to @htpasadena for this #Friday must-see event @NASAJPL will be testing the latest Mars rover in the Arroyo!

  5. […] you’re out on the upper arroyo today, Hometown Pasadena let us know that they’re testing the next generation Mars rover, Athlete, in the arroyo […]

  6. TJC says:

    Anyone know what time?

  7. bmoision says:

    I stopped by on my noon run and they were preparing the rover for a test drive–don’t know when it got out. It’s striking to see it roving around, rubbing shoulders with the frisbee golfers, horse-back riders and dog-walkers.

    The legs have seven degrees of freedom, which must be a complex control problem. Then again, it was pointed out to me that spider legs are probably equally complex, and even the smallest spider manages complex motions with a pretty simple brain. It would be interesting to see what would happen if they made a rover simulator available online for people to play with. I bet users would come up with novel maneuvers, and that some seven year old would learn to drive it in real time (ala Ender’s Game).

  8. Hometown Pasadena says:

    That’s a great idea, Bruce. And thanks for sharing all this!



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