Roundup of Storm Reports

Jan 20, 2010

A truck gets stuck in mud from a creek overflow on Canyon Crest in Altadena; photo by Todd & Jane Szabo, used courtesy of

You don’t need us to tell you that it’s raining cats, dogs and small ponies. But if you want to stay really on top of what’s going on in our once-again-national-news foothill communities, here are some resources:

— As always, Tim Rutt at is on top of things. He’s posting regular updates from the National Weather Service, and he has some photos of the damage at the Canyon Crest Bridge.

— We have friends in Sierra Madre who’ve already had to evacuate, and others in La Crescenta who are on “reverse 911” watch and ready to go. For the latest on evacuations, go to

— Our friend Bruce Moision sent this link that he and his fellow JPL “nerds” (his word, not ours) are tracking — storm water data from the Arroyo Seco:

— KCAL is doing a good job reporting on evacuations and slide risks. If you have TV news issues like we do, check out its good web site at

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