Rose Bowl Pathway Renovation

Mar 30, 2010

As Rose Bowl walkers of considerable experience, we’re glad to see work beginning this week on a new dedicated pedestrian path circling Brookside Golf Course, the Rose Bowl and Brookside Park. And we’re even happier to hear that as part of the construction, the city will take down all those ridiculous signs telling walkers and joggers which direction they’re supposed to go — signs that are ignored hundreds of times a day and serve only as clutter.

If we were cyclists, we wouldn’t be so happy — from the illustration below, it sure looks like they’re getting less room to ride.

This week the work begins with a slurry seal of the 5K route, which means a couple of sections of the route will be closed each day; here’s the map and schedule for this first stage. Next the city will paint the 13-foot-wide pathway, finally installing traffic delineators to separate pedestrians from cyclists and cars. The whole project is supposed to be completed by the middle of May.

What’s not clear is where walkers and joggers will go during construction. Probably just farther out into the street. As for us, we’ll move to the lovely hard-packed dirt trails found on both sides of the Arroyo. Custom dictates that they’re the province of joggers, but if you are nimble at letting them pass, it’s a lovely and protected way to walk, too.

For more information about the project, see this release from Pasadena PIO Ann Erdman.



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