PSHA Gifts & Grants

Sep 24, 2012

Instrumental Competition winner Mayumi Kanagawa; photo courtesy of Klein Competition/Scott Chernis

Do you know of or are you involved with a non-profit that focuses on “symphonic or classical music, youth music education, (or) music therapy”?

If so, could you use some financial support? The Showcase House is accepting applications for its Gifts and Grants program until Friday, October 12th.

This past May, Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts (PSHA) awarded $600,000 to 44 non-profit organizations and schools from the proceeds of their 2011 Showcase House.

President Kathryn Hofgaarden says, “It is very humbling to be a part of the grant selection process.…We understand that these programs are enriching for everyone, but for some it is life changing.”

Guidelines and applications can be found at Please note that applications cannot be submitted online; it’s snail mail only, so give yourself enough time to figure out the who, what, when, and how much as “your proposal will be examined for evidence of quality, accountability, and soundness of design.”

In these lean years, fishing for dollars can seem like throwing out a line without bait, but  since 1948, PSHA has strived to support musically-oriented youth programs—and $18 million has been granted so far. So, if your non-profit fits the bill, go for it and good luck!



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