Post-Fire Roundup

Sep 24, 2009

Our colleagues in the local blogosphere have been busy posting about life in the San Gabriels after the Station Fire. Here are a few reports worth checking out. And yes, that is ash that’s covering your car and your patio furniture — the dry and dreaded Santa Ana conditions are redistributing the white stuff all over town.

1. Our friend Petrea, the photographer and writer behind the wonderful Pasadena Daily Photo, had an up close and personal encounter with some damn fine firefighters, and she’s got the photos to prove it.

2. The Mt. Wilson Toll Road Informer has a report, with photos, about the reopening of the Mt. Wilson Toll Road, which after five years of delays became an urgent priority for firefighters.

3. Altadenablog posts about a dog that went missing near the Sam Merrill Trail just before the fires started. Take a look and keep your eyes out.

4. Here’s a good Google map of the Station Fire burn area.

5. The Pasadena Star-News explores what’s likely to happen in the burn zones when the winter rains come.

Fire devastated Brown Mountain; photo by Steve Elkins

Fire devastated Brown Mountain; photo by Steve Elkins

3 Responses for “Post-Fire Roundup”

  1. Petrea says:

    Thank you for this, Colleen. I hadn’ t known about the Mt. Wilson Toll Road Informer. The Star-News article is very informative. I’ve seen the map because I check it obsessively on inciWeb! And Farleigh–I was on the trail above Las Flores Canyon on the 25th. I heard someone calling for a pet–couldn’t make out the name. I didn’t see Farleigh, but I wish I had. I hope someone took him in and that that person sees Tim’s post and returns Farleigh. Obviously, he’s much loved.

    Thanks for putting Pasadena Daily Photo in such fine company.

  2. […] this winter’s heavy rains and flooding.  Though the trailhead is posted as closed due to the Station Fire destruction of summer 2009, you can still walk a long way before damage from flooding becomes […]

  3. […] road was first closed during the Station fire in August 2009, it then reopened three months later only to close again in January 2010. The area […]



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