Pasadena’s March Toward Sustainability

Feb 24, 2011

Kudos to our hometown for taking steps to better care for our environment and resources! Pasadena recently released its 2010 Green City Report, which outlines the ways the city has begun to fulfill the mandates laid out in the 2006 Green City Action Plan. That plan established 21 goals in seven key areas: energy, water, waste reduction, urban design, urban nature, transportation and environmental health.

To date, Pasadena has succeeded in completing eight of these goals, including instituting a plan that will reduce per capita solid waste by 20% by 2012, advancing the creation and improvement of pedestrian- and bike-friendly paths, and protecting habitat corridors from development.

In 2010, water use in Pasadena dropped 15%, the city reduced peak power demand by 4.45 megawatts (which, to us non-electrically minded, translates to the energy consumed by 1,112 Pasadena homes), and it added more than 100 solar installations, accomplishing the goal of adding two megawatts of solar power capacity.

The city’s Planning Department has also adopted an Urban Climate Action Plan, which details a number of ways that Pasadena can achieve the goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2030. We’ve been doing what we can to support the effort by replacing incandescent lighting with compact fluorescents, turning off lights and appliances religiously, keeping the house cooler in winter and warmer in summer, and getting rid of the water-sucking lawn; next we hope to join our friends and neighbors in going solar, composting and recycling graywater.

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