Pasadena Voted Fair Trade City

Feb 13, 2013

1302_Diana_DesignWeb_MediaPageHeaderThe City Council of Pasadena was unanimous, Mayor Bill Bogaard was on board, and the Chamber of Commerce was supportive, and now Pasadena has been designated a Fair Trade city.

In the morning of Thursday, February 14th there will be a ribbon cutting at City Hall to celebrate this “historic designation” accompanied by the unveiling of the new Fair Trade Pasadena logo. This will be followed by Fair Trade chocolate, coffee and treats courtesy of Whole Foods Market.

Pasadena is now one of approximately 1,500 municipalities around the world—and only the second in Southern California—to have achieved recognition as a Fair Trade City as part of the Fair Trade Towns Campaign. Fair Trade Towns is an international campaign uniting community activists, businesses, and consumers across the country to make a tangible impact on the market by creating the demand for justice and equity for producers, artisans, farmers, and workers locally and around the world.

According to the website, Fair Trade sales increased by 75% in 2011, even though only 37% of the public is aware of Fair Trade. Once made aware, 87% look to shop for Fair Trade products.

“This designation is really putting a name to the type of community that we are and how we choose to use our purchasing power,” said Diana Percival, Head Organizer for the Fair Trade Pasadena campaign. “To have such strong support for socially conscious purchasing is something that we should be very proud of.”

Pasadena Fair Trade Ribbon Cutting and Celebration
Thursday, Feb. 14th, 11 a.m.
Pasadena City Hall, 100 N. Garfield Ave.
Pasadena Fair Trade Campaign or find them on Facebook HERE






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