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Feb 7, 2009

Some of our friends are so fed up with the shrinking Los Angeles Times that they’ve cancelled their subscriptions. Understandable, but then they miss great stories like this one, about a couple of our hometown folks:
Separate Worlds, Bridged by Faith

Other links to local things we found interesting:
— If you’re not a Facebooker, you might not have seen this hilarious tribute to Trader Joe’s (born in Pasadena!) that’s making the rounds:
— One of our favorite funny guys, San Marino’s Larry Wilmore (Senior Black Correspondent for The Daily Show), has a very funny new book, and he’ll be at Vroman’s this Tuesday. Here’s a profile from the Pasadena Weekly
— A Streetcar in Pasadena? 
— With all this rain the Mushroom Fair at the Arborteum should be terrific:

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  1. Turn of the centuries often birth major change.
    Going paperless, e-this and e-that, is the trend. Whether it’s the newspaper industry or tax filing to the govt, it’s never ez to accept for those brought up simply with pencil & paper.

    Part of the progressive change, although there are risks involved.



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