Pasadena in the NY Times

Sep 18, 2009

Bruce Nauman’s work of skywriting art over west Pasadena last weekend made the New York Times — you can read about one of the several viewing gatherings, this one at Molly Munger and Steve English’s house in San Rafael, by clicking here or on the photo below:

nauman pasadena nytimes Pasadena in the NY Times Pasadena skywriting Molly Munger Bruce Nauman Armory Center  photo

Skywriters spell out “Leave the Land Alone,” the message of Bruce Nauman’s “Untitled 1969/2009,” over the Arroyo Seco on Sept. 12; photo by Andreas Branch/Patrick McMullen, courtesy of


Maude Woods - Opening October 22nd in Pasadena



Camelot and Vine