Noises All Around

Jan 25, 2011

The Noises Off cast in action; photo by Craig Schwartz

The confusion that arises from the theater troupe known as A Noise Within (let’s call them ANW) doing a show called Noises Off, which is a show about another show called “Nothing On,” is really only the beginning. Reviving last year’s hit production, ANW’s show is fast-paced, funny, overwrought and charming. It’s an exhilarating night of highjinks featuring split-second timing, deadpan send-ups of theater and thespians, and dry British wit.

Arrive early so that you may snicker your way through the program for the production of “Nothing On.” Do sit through the first and second intermissions (if your bladder can stand it) for a scene change that keeps many interns and their Makita drills happily employed in full view. Prepare to want to see it a second or third time to get all the excruciatingly funny gags, and to tease out all the pranks, love affairs and grudge matches. “Nothing On” would probably be a pretty good play if we could ever really see it; Noises Off is an all-out romp. The actors of ANW are clearly having a very good time, delivering an incredibly crowd-pleasing, no-holds-barred night of fun. It’s a whistle-whetter and a calling card, an aperitif, a tot of very dry sherry, for ANW’s 2011 season of classics (Shakespeare, Williams and Ionesco), which begins February 26.

Noises Off!
Final weekend January 28 – 30 (Friday – Sunday)
A Noise Within, 234 S. Brand Blvd., Glendale
Tickets $42

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  1. Latest NOISES OFF review:”an exhilarating night of highjinks; prepare to want to see it a second or third time!”



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