New Owner for Hometown Pasadena

Sep 27, 2012

For months now, you’ve been reading posts by Kat Ward and admiring her photographs.

Now, I’m happy (and a little sad) to report that as of October 1, I’m handing the reins to Kat for good.

Six years ago, I set up a simple site at to help promote the book my fledgling company had just published, Hometown Pasadena. The book became a success, and eventually we morphed the site into the thriving online magazine it is today.

I loved writing for and editing the site. I am so grateful for the support of the advertisers, many of whom are friends and neighbors, and for the work of Caroline Purvis, who sold and managed those ads, and John Stephens, who built and designed the site. I loved publishing smart writers like William Goldstein, Mel Malmberg, Lian Dolan, Matt Hormann, Sandy Gillis, Mary Jane Horton, Skylar Sutton, and Jean Gillis. And I loved watching our traffic climb—first a few hundred hits, then a few thousand, and now about a half-million page views per month. I never dreamed it would grow like this.

But it’s time to let my baby go. I’m happy to say that Prospect Park Books is expanding, and my partner, Patty O’Sullivan, and I need to focus on our core business: books. We’re tripling the number of books we publish next year, and we just can’t give Hometown Pasadena the attention it deserves. Kat Ward has the talent, the smarts, and the passion to do it right, and make it even better. So we’ve sold the site to her, and as of October 1, she’ll be in charge of everything, from advertising to editorial direction.

If you have a press release for the site, or want to talk about advertising (note: it’s a great deal for the amazing traffic), you can reach her at kat at

Thank you Pasadena, Altadena, South Pas, San Marino, Sierra Madre, and environs for your readership and support. Please give Kat a warm welcome and help this truly local—by locals, for locals, no New York money behind it—resource continue to thrive.

—Colleen Dunn Bates


8 Responses for “New Owner for Hometown Pasadena”

  1. Congratulations, Colleen, and congratulations, Kat. It’s been and will continue to be a fantastic resource.

  2. Janna says:

    Wow, I love the site and just learned of the books not that long ago. I have a few on my wish list. Absolutely LOVE how Pasadena-centric the site is, please DON’T expend it to cover other areas, there are PLENTY of other sites that cover LA, etc. I come here because I know I can find something hyper-local to do, eat, play, etc. Thank you and congratulations for the site and all the work you’ve done. Best wishes for continued success!

  3. Congrats to both! Looking forward to continuing my advertising and promotion of Jordi & CO–but most of all I am a Pasadena resident and avid Hometown Pasadena reader. Happ for you both!

  4. Marshall Ayers says:

    Congratulations to you Colleen for creating such wonderful hometown hub, and congratulations to you Kat – can’t wait to see where it all goes from here…

  5. Leah says:

    Congrats on this news! Kat has been doing a great job and will keep up the style and local coverage you began!

  6. Joe Dunn says:

    I let my baby go many years ago…and look what she did..and continues to do. I’m a long way from Pasadena but still fine the site informative. Congratulations to you both. Papajoe.

  7. Gee thanks, Papajoe, aka Dad. And Janna, don’t worry, Kat is devoted to keeping the focus strictly local, and making it even better. The site couldn’t have a better editor!

  8. Jim O'Keeffe says:


    Congratulations and best of luck with Prospect. Pasadena has been blessed by your efforts and you’ve built something that will endure and with Kat’s devotion may even expand. All the best in the years to come………….
    Jim O’Keeffe



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