Leadership Pasadena: Congrats, Graduates!

May 29, 2011

L to R: Marie Stika-Hischier, Sean English, Elizabeth Leonard, Heather Backstrom, Grace Garcia, Anton Anderson, Melissa Alva, Mri Scott ElBey, Darla Dyson, Elizabeth De Clue.

We’d like to offer a warm (if someone belated) congratulations to the 2011 graduating class of Leadership Pasadena. If you’re not familiar with the program, it’s a sort of hatchery for local community leaders. It consists of eight months of workshops, projects, and retreats designed to improve leadership skills, within both participants’ organizations and the community at large, as well as to teach the nuts and bolts of local governance.

Festivities were held May 13th (Friday the 13th—an auspicious day to graduate) at Paseo, and were attended by the graduates, of course, as well as a wide array of government, business, and civic leaders, many of them Leadership Pasadena alums. Among the latest crop of graduates is Prospect Park Media’s very own database guru, Anton Anderson (who in his spare time is a Senior Partner at Productivity Consulting), as well as a host of others:

  • Melissa Alva, Planner, City of Pasadena
  • Heather Backstrom, Employee Development Manager, Moog Aircraft Group
  • Darla Dyson, Community Organizer, Invest in PUSD Kids — LA Voice–PICO
  • Elizabeth De Clue, Senior Contracting Officer, Caltech
  • Mri Scott Elbey, Sole Creative Channel, The Lady Bennu
  • Sean English, Captain, Pasadena Fire Department
  • Grace Garcia, Staff Assistant, Pasadena City Attorney / City Prosecutor
  • Marie A. Hischier, Realtor, Sotheby’s International Realty
  • Elizabeth Leonard, Independent Consultant
  • Vanessa C. Watkins, Principal, Norma Coombs Alternative School

A great many fields and professions are represented in that list, not to mention the actual people, a talented bunch dedicated to making Pasadena better. There’s also probably a joke in there somewhere, beginning “What did the fireman say to the principal?” There’s a beer in it for anyone who can finish the thought and make us chuckle.



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