Jennifer Worick’s Punch Party

Oct 15, 2012

Author Jennifer Worick; photo by Sacha Adorno

“Things I Want to Punch in the Face.”

How long would your list be?

Jennifer Worick wrote about her pet peeves on her blog. Then local publisher Colleen Bates of Prospect Park Books gathered, sorted, and organized Worick’s pronouncements. Et voilá, a hilarious new book.

In an interview on, Worick responded to a question about how she came up with her idea:

“Back in 2009, I had a really bad 8 days. It kicked off with an unexpected breakup and was followed by the death of my cat Mac Daddy, a book being cancelled right after I had submitted the manuscript (the economy tanked and the publisher cut a third of its list), and I had surgery. I was grieving, crying all the time, and really pissed off at every little thing. I’d cut into an avocado and discovered it was bad, and my reaction was completely out of proportion (I may have thrown it against the kitchen wall). So I was sitting on my couch, drowning my woes with a pint of ice cream when I had the lightbulb go off. I’m not a Debbie Downer and I wanted a funny outlet for my rage. And my blog and now my book have been making me really happy ever since.”

To celebrate Worick’s happiness—and the release of her book—everyone is invited to PPB’s “Punch Party” at The York gastropub on Sunday, October 21st. The punch will be free, as will be the entertainment provided by writer, producer, director, and stand-up comedian Steve Skrovan and author, playwright, humorist, and stand-up comedian Dylan Brody.

Worick invites everyone to “hear me and local writers and comedians rock the mic as we share our own Things I Want to Punch in the Face” and to “bring your own gripes to read: the more malcontents, the better.”

Books will be available for purchase and Worick will be signing them after everyone’s been thoroughly entertained and gripes have been adequately trumpeted.

(Stay for dinner and try The York’s shrimp bruschetta, roasted corn hash, or truffle mac ‘n cheese.)

Things I Want to Punch in the Face Punch Party
Sunday, Oct. 21st, 6-7 p.m.
The York, 5018 York Blvd., 323.255.9675
For more info, visit Prospect Park Book’s Facebook page or

Editor’s Note: A shout-out to friend and actress Susan Harmon for the voice over—nice work!



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