It’s Heeeere! (Queue the Spooky Music)

Oct 31, 2011

“You go.”
“No, you go first.”
“Well, maybe, we’ll just let these kids go ahead of us.”
“Maybe, I’ll see you back at the car.”
“Then, you go.”
“No, you go.”

Does this exchange sound familiar? That’s right. It must be Halloween.

We stopped by as Ken Shaw lumbered out of his garage, not even able to see his next step, his arms literally overflowing with other arms.

He and his wife Stacy live at 551 Prospect Boulevard. Ken was getting a late start on their decorating; there were only fifty-two hours before the first of possibly 1,000 trick or treaters would be bounding, squealing, shuffling, or trudging up their front walk.

Be brave, youngsters, but beware!




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