Holy Floribunda, It’s Rose Time!

May 17, 2010

In case you haven’t noticed, roses are erupting all over town more dramatically than the Eyjafjallajokull volcano. While they’re not disrupting air traffic, they’re certainly slowing some cars, like ours, which have been prone to screech to a stop in front of some of the more dazzling displays in the west San Gabriel Valley. And the aromas! Our dog walks are also being slowed by the lush scents of roses spilling over garden fences, climbing next to front doors, and bursting forth in public parks.

Here’s an addition to the post sent by our friend Sharon Chivers, of a cottage rose garden at the historic Bowen Court:

The first robust bloom of the season will fade soon, so get out and enjoy it while you can.

Just another spectacular rose garden on El Molino

1 Response for “Holy Floribunda, It’s Rose Time!”

  1. KL Wall says:

    I used to live in W. Washington & walked almost everywhere. Come Spring, I loved the walk to my dentist. There was one street with a little house/cottage set back some from the sidewalk. They had something like 15 rose bushes planted next to the fence, on either side of the font walk. Those roses were climbers — and they climbed the fence. I’d always have to leave early for my appts. so I could stop for a “rose alert”! Absolutely wonderful…



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