Holiday Shopping at Koi

Dec 23, 2008

Shopping with a 17-year-old daughter, like some medieval torture? Lots of sighing and groaning, with a few accusations thrown in. Stuck in a dungeon-like car. Yes, I confess — I wasn’t really looking forward to holiday errands with my daughter! The plan, then: Confine the pain to one shop. Koi (1007 Fair Oaks, South Pas).

In 19 years living in the ‘Dena I had never shopped at splendid, jam-packed Koi. I know, shame on me. And another year would have passed were it not for two very darling shirts I met a Christmas party on Sunday. These shirts were shameless, just all, like, clinging to the backs of their smart-chick owners, who shop at Nobu on the other side of town. I grabbed one shirt by the collar and said, “You attention-grabbing so and so! You’re nothing but a piece of well-sewn fabric!” If I may say so, yelling at the shirt so I could look at the label was a good ruse. The room fell silent, everyone backed away, and I eyeballed that label for what seemed like an eternity. After my host escorted me out, I remembered one thing: Citron clothing. And Google led me to find some Citron at Koi.

Long post short, Christmas came early via a beautifully constructed boiled wool jacket by Two Star Dog (and it’s reversable!), as well as the cutest pair of snub-nosed olive flats. Daughter found a pair of rain boots, and whew, we snagged good holiday gifts, which I’ll tell you about later after they’re opened.

Oh, and everything’s 20% off! Were the economy not in the toilet I would have also purchased a classic velvet-ribboned sweater and a luxe red brocade and velvet jacket circa Russian Revolution. What a gorgeous garment!

Did I mention everything’s 20% off? Till Christmas, so you have two more shopping days.

– Sandy Gillis

1 Response for “Holiday Shopping at Koi”

  1. Deborah Thomas says:

    I hope you also went shopping at Rue de Mimo (and Marz) around the corner on Mission while you were at Koi. . . .



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