Hail, Hail, the Weather's Here!

Feb 9, 2009

Winter finally arrived in northeast Pasadena and Altadena on Sunday night, January 25, 2009: a hail storm.

Hail in Altadena

Hail in Altadena

 From 11:30 to 11:35 p.m., ice cubelets the size of rock salt crystals slammed to earth. So much for a quiet blanket of snow. What a racket! With the rains that followed we waited for another power outage (as on Friday night, when a transformer upgrade went awry). Instead, we got a picturesque dusting of ice rocks that lasted till late morning the next day.

Since then, we’ve had torrents across L.A., but especially here in the SG Valley; Sierra Madre, for instance, got a whopping four inches of rain in this last deluge. Lighter rain is expected today, then a bit of sun, with another storm coming later in the week. By next weekend, we should be back on track for our typical seasonal rainfall, perhaps even surpassing the norm.

Bundle up for the next few days: It’s going to get down in the 30s at night, and not much warmer than the mid-50s during the day.



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