Hahamongna Blog Day 2010

Jul 8, 2010

The fate of the Hahamongna Watershed Park Annex is once again on the agenda of the Pasadena City Council. This Monday, July 12th, they will likely decide once and for all whether or not to build soccer fields on park grounds. This has been a contentious issue for some time. Pasadena doesn’t have an awful lot of park space, let alone space that is suitable for athletic fields, leading to chronic shortages not just for AYSO and the like but for adult soccer, rugby leagues and other sports. On the other hand, Hahamongna is a rare and beautiful place, one of only a few alluvial canyon habitats left in Southern California, and a sensitive ecosystem to boot.

There has been a great deal of public outcry in favor of preservation, organized in large part by the Arroyo Seco Foundation, which maintains With the climactic city council meeting so close, the preservation-minded blogosphere is making a final push: Hahamongna Blog Day. Organized by Petrea Burchard of Pasadena Daily Photo, a number of bloggers have teamed up to talk about why they think Hahamongna should be left alone. See the full list here.

Regardless of the outcome, the fight for Hahamongna has been an encouraging exercise in local democracy. People are making their voices heard, and elected officials seem to be listening. If you haven’t already, add your voice to the conversation, either at the council meeting on Monday or by contacting its members directly, here. The public meetings begin at 6:30 p.m. in City Hall.

1 Response for “Hahamongna Blog Day 2010”

  1. William, thank you for highlighting our efforts. As you say, no matter the outcome, people are making their voices heard and I do think officials are listening.

    I must correct you on a couple of points:

    Point one: I did the administrating, but the effort was organized by myself, Karin Bugge of, and Barbara Ellis, a regular blog visitor and knowledgeable naturalist and hiker. The idea for the blog day originated with Michael Coppess, who blogs at

    Point two: Pasadena *does* have “an awful lot” of park space. The problem is many fields lie unused and uncared for. I believe that if we turn our attention to these unused spaces and re-purpose them for soccer fields, we can not only provide needed playing fields and preserve Hahamongna, but also save huge chunks of money for the city in a year of historic budget cuts.



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