Govine: Words that Anchor

Feb 21, 2013
Shield by Luis Ituarte

Shield by Luis Ituarte

The human body.

Roughly 96 percent of the mass of the human body is made up of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen[1], but attributes like the capacity to imagine[2], allows people the freedom from a single, lone path…

Not only is Gerda Govine Ituarte a Doctor of Education, she has a B.S. and M.A. in Business Education from New York University, and is CEO of G. Govine Consulting that “provides expert witness, litigation consultation, training, writing, and public speaking in the area of human resources, with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion.”

Swing to the other side of the spectrum and you’ll find Gerda Govine, the poet, author of Oh, Where Is My Candle Hat?, and partner with her husband Luis at Poetry Art Book Station (designed for select poets and artists to partake in their Limited Edition Poetry Art Books).

I am in love with words that anchor, touch and nourish my spirit and soul.

Dr. Govine will be HP’s guest contributor next Wednesday for “Write Here.” (We thank her —thank you!—in advance for sharing her poems with our readers.) She will be reading at Avenue 50 Studio in Highland Park this Sunday. The event is hosted by Luivette Resto who inaugurated our new poetry and short fiction category with her moving poem in honor of her grandmother titled “Hail María.”

Gerda Govine: Poetry Reading
Sunday, Feb. 24th, 2-4 p.m.
Avenue 50 Studio, 131 N. Avenue 50, Highland Park



2 Responses for “Govine: Words that Anchor”

  1. Hi Kat: Thank you for this post on Gerda’s poetry reading at the Avenue 50 Studio this Sunday. We are looking forward to Gerda’s beautiful words and sensitive persona. Just wanted to point out that there is a typo on our Name: we are Avenue 50 Studio. The link to our website is correct. Again, thanks for posting what will be a wonderful reading.

    Kathy Gallegos, Director, Avenue 50 Studio

  2. Kat Ward says:

    Apologies! You are NOT Avenue 59 Studio, but Avenue 50 Studio. I have made the correction. Have a great event!



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