The End of the End of the World

Dec 3, 2010

We’re so sad to hear of the closing of Ben McGinty’s beloved Gallery at the End of the World, way up high on Lake in Altadena. But we understand. We’ve been waiting for two decades for that neighborhood to take off. Where’s the Trader Joe’s it should have? Where’s the wine bar? Where are the quirky but thriving boutiques? Kudos to the businesses that keep fighting the good fight, like our friends at Webster’s, but we see why, after 16 years, McGinty doesn’t have any more fight in him.

Here’s a link to Justin Chapman’s nice piece in the Pasadena Weekly about the closing of the gallery.

This weekend is the gallery’s monthly Art Bender, and it turns out it will be its last. So it’s sure to be a doozy. The opening reception was last night; tonight brings the main event, with music by the Subs and Chicos Bail Bonds ($5 cover). Saturday is a potluck barbecue dinner, with more live music, and the place will close for good after a brunch (again, with live music) on Sunday.

And while we’re talking about Altadena, check out this piece by Larry Wilson. It’s about the Christmas-themed home tour in Altadena this weekend, but really, it’s about defining Altadena, and he does a great job of it. As he writes in his lead, “If Pasadena at the turn of the last century was where Midwesterners came to get away from the cold and everything else, Altadena is where people went to get away from Pasadena.” Which remains true today.

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  1. Thank you for your article on the Gallery At The End Of The World and for your mention of us. We will also miss the Gallery and Ben’s involvement in our efforts to improve the North Lake Business District. Unfortunately, this will be a case of “don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone”…..we hope our community gets the message.



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