Fancy That! – Closing Its Doors

Apr 11, 2013

FancyThat_PhotoByKatWardOver the years, we’ve marveled at their extensive Easter windows, gotten goosebumps from their Halloween display, ooh-ed and aah-ed strolling through their magical Christmas world, and wanted to snatch the birthday cupcake string of lights, the handmade birthday crowns, and the precious birthday plates and cups.

Now, Fancy That! on Mission Street in San Marino is closing its doors.

Discounts abound, but people are already walking out with bags and bags of treasures; co-owner Jim English was carrying a 4-foot bunny to someone’s car when we stopped by. He told us that they had another 5 or 6 weeks before finally locking their doors for good, but we imagine they will be relieved of their merchandise much sooner than that.

If you like your curios, decorations, and home dècor, we suggest heading over asap.

Thank you, Paula and Jim, for all the wonderlands you created, filled with special treasures.

Fancy That!
2491 Mission St. at S. Euclid Ave.
Open at 10 a.m.
Will stay open until merchandise—including store fixtures and furniture—are sold



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