DineLA Extended

Feb 8, 2009

For the last two weeks a couple of hundred restaurants in the greater Los Angeles area have collaborated in DineLA, during which they offer mostly excellent-value (a few bad apples reportedly scrimped on portions) fixed-price menus. Friday, February 6th was the last day for the program, but it proved such a hit that many restaurants have extended for another week, every day except Saturday. Here are the Pasadena-area places taking part in the extra week. Each has a link to their site (if they have one) and gives the price symbol for a three-course meal, as follows: $ means $16 for lunch and $26 for dinner; $$ is $22 for lunch and $34 for dinner; and $$$ is $28 for lunch and $44 for dinner. Reservations are strongly recommended.

Bashan, Glendale, $$$
Cafe Santorini, Pasadena, $$
Madeleine’s, Pasadena, $$
Maison Akira, Pasadena, $$$
Roy’s, Pasadena, $$
Sushi Roku, Pasadena, $$
Vertical Wine Bistro, $$



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