Clowns in La Canada

Dec 13, 2010

Alexa Teal Green and Jordan Riggs star in The Scoop.

That’s right, clowns are coming to La Canada, and we not talking about California legislators. The clown comedy troupe Everybody Nose is on tour, performing at such esteemed venues as the Hayworth Theater, the Long Beach Playhouse, and Flintridge Preparatory School. That’s right, Flintridge Prep—because drama teacher Lisa Bierman is a member of the troupe and pulled some strings.

The show centers around lovable sad sack Mr. Gary Indiana. The audience follows him to the ends of the clown-earth as he tries desperately to retrieve a scoop of ice cream that fell from atop his child’s ice cream cone. On his journey he meets plenty of other clowns who may nor may not prove helpful. They’re clowns, so we’re presuming they’re mostly not too helpful.

Doors open at 8 for a reception with food and drink, followed by the show. It’s only $10, and it’s clean and kid friendly, but kids with coulrophobia had best stay home.

Everybody Nose: The Scoop
Sunday, December 19, 8 p.m.
Flintridge Preparatory School
4543 Crown Ave., La Canada
Information and tickets here



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