Bureaucracy Run Amok

May 12, 2011

The "offensive" Patticakes mural; photo courtesy of Pasadena Daily Photo.

UPDATE from — The county planning department’s drive to alter or eliminate Patticakes’ mural on Allen Ave. has been dropped, according to Patticakes’ owner Mike McLellan. According to the county officials, they have “settled the matter.”

Honestly, it’s enough to make a liberal become a libertarian: Someone in Altadena apparently complained to the county (LA County, that is) about the mural adorning the side of Patticakes, the swell bakery known for lavish party cakes and not being open very often. And now the county is threatening to paint it out. Surely a lovely shade of beige that, as our pal Petrea Burchard wisely pointed out, would sure be marked with graffiti within a nanosecond.

Here’s Pasadena Daily Photo’s post on the situation. And here’s Altadenablog’s latest post on the subject, showcasing a witty little poem about the art..

This is just (forgive the pun) the icing on the idiotic cake for poor Altadena, which really should consider asking Pasadena to annex it. The county shut down Danny’s Farm, tried to shut down Food Truck Fridays, busted Coffee Gallery for daring to have open-mic nights, and generally seem hostile to business… and the scrappy businesses in Altadena barely hang on as it is.

Please consider stopping by Patticakes ASAP to sign its petition to allow the mural to stay.

3 Responses for “Bureaucracy Run Amok”

  1. Colleen, I can literally hear your dander rising. And the dander is loud in Altadena! You’ve put it most succinctly, that the county seems “generally hostile to business…and the scrappy businesses in Altadena barely hang on as it is.”

    There are some terrific businesses in Altadena and I love shopping and eating there. But the place needs support from the county, not this constant insult.

  2. Caroline says:

    I was there yesterday and they had 650+ signatures gathered in 5 days. Go add yours to the bunch! And pick up a pastry too!

  3. Timothy Rutt says:

    Not to toot our own horn too much (OK, I’m lying) but this is our running list of insults to Altadena business, of which Patticakes is just the latest:



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