Bryan Denton, Our Eyes in Libya

May 27, 2011

Bryan Denton and NY Times’s driver in Misurata. C. J. Chivers/The New York Times

Local boy Bryan Denton, now all grown up, was featured today in the New York Times blog, Lens, which covers Photography, Video and Visual Journalism. Denton, a photojournalist and product of Sequoyah School, Flintridge Prep and NYU, is currently behind enemy lines in Misurata, Libya. C.J. Chivers, who is with him in Libya writes:

This spring, Bryan’s work from a string of contested Libyan towns and cities has repeatedly brought readers inside the war in ways few on the beat have matched. Following the story from town to town, front to front, he has pursued ever-shifting angles of inquiry, focusing not just on the back-and-forth of desert combat but on the victims and participants as they passed through hospitals, prisons, makeshift weapon plants, and, for many of the unlucky, cemeteries.

He has covered civilian casualties and NATO bungling, the plights of migrant workers and, with equal sensitivity, the fates of the soldiers of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, young men whose ranks grow smaller each week as they continue fighting a war that they almost certainly cannot win. In three months covering a country few Westerners had previously seen, Bryan brought readers on a journey that captured the intoxicating and often naïve energy of an uprising that was accompanied, as almost all violence is, with persistent ugliness, lawlessness and sorrow.

Tamin Adel, 4, being treated in Misurata for a shrapnel wound. Bryan Denton/The New York Times

Denton worked with NYT correspondents Tyler Hicks and Lynsey Addario and left them just two days before their kidnapping by Qaddafi’s troops. As one of a very small number of reporters in Libya, Denton is committed to showing all aspects of this conflict through his photographs.

Full article and gallery of Denton’s photos here.



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