Black Bears in the Backyard

Jul 9, 2012

Photo courtesy of the Altadena Sheriff Station

A Black Bear chillin’ in your swimming pool or helping themselves to a snack from your fruit trees? You may be surprised to know that their lineage goes back almost 100 years.

Eleven Black Bears were “deported” from Yosemite National Park for being “troublemakers,” and then “introduced” into the San Gabriel Mountains area‚Ķin 1933.

Not surprisingly, the original Yosemite Eleven have flourished over the decades, as residents of Altadena and the Foothill neighborhoods can attest.

On July 7th, a momma and her cubs were cooling off from the heat of the afternoon in an upscale pool along Edgecliff Lane in the unincorporated Kinneola Mesa area.

The official word is, unsurprisingly, to give the bears as much room as possible.

Altadena Sheriffs arrived and did just that as they waited for Animal Control, but the bear family had had their fill before AC arrived and moseyed back into the woods.

In case of a Black Bear sighting, call 911 or the Altadena Sheriff Station at 626.798.1131.



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