Big Belly Preservation

Aug 5, 2010

A Big Belly in some other city.

Snaps (or props, or whatever your preferred idiom for casual friendly praise) to the City of Pasadena for installing 40 new Big Belly solar-powered trash compactors in areas with lots of pedestrian traffic. The receptacles are a thoroughly green product: by compacting their cargo, they can hold about five times as much as a standard public trash can—that’s 200 gallons of garbage. They only need to be picked up once a week (though this may lead to a heightened stench), and are cordless and self-charging via solar power. Find a list of Big Belly locations below.

Another, mostly unrelated, recent feather in the city’s cap: Pasadena has been named a Preserve America community by the federal government. Preserve America is a national initiative resulting from Executive Order #13287, signed March 3rd, 2003, by President Bush. It’s been something of a pet project for both First Ladies. Mostly it’s a pride thing, but there is some money to be had: so far, $17 million has been dispersed to the 840 or so Preserve America communities, in individual grants ranging from $20,000 to $250,000. That money is for preservation projects that might otherwise not find funding. Two such grants applications have already been filed. Any ideas? Let your city councilperson know.

Cross streets and landmarks for the 40 new Big Belly trash compactors in Pasadena:

Washington/Bresee (Connal’s)
South Lake/Cordova (Colonnade)
North Fair Oaks/Maple (Stanley & Edmondson)
California/Orange Grove (Bus Stop)
Walnut/Garfield (Pasadena Central Library)
Colorado/Bonnie (Penny Lane)
Colorado/Hill (Former Pasadena Ford)
Colorado/Lake (Bank of America)
Colorado/Mentor (Subway)
Colorado/San Gabriel (7-11 Store)
Colorado/Marion (PCC)
Fair Oaks/California (UPS Store)
Fair Oaks/Washington (Kings Villages)
Foothill/Halstead (Fire Station 37)
Foothill/Rosemead (Citibank)
Garfield/Ramona (Hale Building/Permit Center)
Fair Oaks/Tremont (Public Health Department)
Hill/Green (Hill Avenue Branch Library)
Fair Oaks/Hammond (Jackie Robinson Center)
Arroyo Boulevard (Kidspace/Brookside Park)
Raymond/Washington (La Pintoresca)
Lake/California (Winchell’s)
Lake/Green (Starbucks)
Lake/Mountain (Popeye’s)
Lake/Orange Grove (76 Station)
Lake/Orange Grove (7-11 Store)
Lake/San Pasqual (Jamba Juice)
Lake/Villa (Job Center)
Lake/Howard (Louisiana Fried Chicken)
Lincoln/Orange Grove (Market)
Lincoln/Tremont (Bus Stop)
Lincoln/Montana (Bus Stop)
Los Robles/Mountain (Bus Stop)
Los Robles/Green (Dentist Office)
Fair Oaks/Orange Grove (Church’s)
Lake/Washington (76 Station)
Walnut/Garfield (Pasadena Courthouse)
Rose Bowl Drive/Seco (Rose Bowl Area H)
Colorado/Hill (PCC)
Lake/Washington (Food for Less)
Fair Oaks/Orange Grove (Foot Action)
Paloma/Altadena Drive (Victory Park)
Villa/Euclid (Villa-Parke)
Washington/Hill (Bus Stop)
Washington/Lincoln (Business Park)
Washington/Allen (Mission Tobacco)

2 Responses for “Big Belly Preservation”

  1. Ann Erdman says:

    Thanks for helping us get the word out!

  2. Kathy H. says:

    Awesome! One more great thing about Pasadena. On a similar note, the UA Theater in La Canada has a special receptacle for plastic water bottles, sponsored by Dasani. Great idea, probably didn’t cost much if anything.



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