Beautiful Science

Mar 22, 2009

I have been going to the Huntington for my entire life. In high school my friends and I would borrow my family’s membership card and study for finals on the lawns. Perfect place to study and procrastinate. I’ve been there a million times, so I’m pretty used to it. So you can understand my excitement when it recently opened a new permanent exhibition. It’s almost as exciting as when it opened the children’s garden (fog is awesome no matter how old you are).

exhibition_drawingLocated in the Dibner Hall of Science, in a back room of the main library, a small collection of scientific manuscripts have gathered to explain our ever-changing understanding of our universe. “Beautiful Science: Ideas that Changed the World” highlights four areas of study for visitors to explore: astronomy, natural history, medicine and light. Although the exhibit is small, it’s incredibly important and well assembled. I spent about 30 minutes in the three rooms — but this might have been due to the collection of 250 copies of “The Origin of Species,” including first editions, which fed my never-ending crush on Darwin. Another plus: All texts are read by Michael York. 

This is a permanent exhibition, currently hiding behind the fantastic Lincoln exhibition in the library.



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