Beautiful Science

Mar 22, 2009

I have been going to the Huntington for my entire life. In high school my friends and I would borrow my family’s membership card and study for finals on the lawns. Perfect place to study and procrastinate. I’ve been there a million times, so I’m pretty used to it. So you can understand my excitement when it recently opened a new permanent exhibition. It’s almost as exciting as when it opened the children’s garden (fog is awesome no matter how old you are).

exhibition drawing Beautiful Science science library huntington exhibition educational darwin  photoLocated in the Dibner Hall of Science, in a back room of the main library, a small collection of scientific manuscripts have gathered to explain our ever-changing understanding of our universe. “Beautiful Science: Ideas that Changed the World” highlights four areas of study for visitors to explore: astronomy, natural history, medicine and light. Although the exhibit is small, it’s incredibly important and well assembled. I spent about 30 minutes in the three rooms — but this might have been due to the collection of 250 copies of “The Origin of Species,” including first editions, which fed my never-ending crush on Darwin. Another plus: All texts are read by Michael York. 

This is a permanent exhibition, currently hiding behind the fantastic Lincoln exhibition in the library.



Maude Woods - Opening October 22nd in Pasadena



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