AxS Festival – Plan Ahead!

Sep 24, 2011

The 2011 Pasadena City of Art and Science (AxS) Festival has so many events to tempt and arouse your curiosity that we suggest you get out your calendar and carefully plan ahead.

For instance, to begin this two-week adventure melodically, you could hear the Pasadena Pro Musica present Water Music/Firesong, a choral celebration of two powerful and opposing elements, fire and water (this year’s theme), at the Neighborhood Unitarian Universalist Church.

Immersion (we’re going with the “water” angle here) is the key element at the Wind Tunnel Gallery, which will show three commissioned works that feature computer-controlled projectors on scrims and multi-planar translucent screens, as well as live performers, real-time cameras, feedback loops, soundscapes and original musical scores in a show called Ignite/Flow. Or experience Grisha Coleman’s Echo::system Action Station #2 The Desert at the Dance Conservatory. This is a fully synthetic environment of audio and visual media recreating a desert ecosystem made up of real and virtual space, reflecting on how one affects the other. Wow. Can we even wrap our heads around that description? But curiosity is piqued, n’est pas?

WORLDS is an exhibit at the Williamson Gallery that will explore design by superimposing the domains of art and science. You’ll see imagery from a NASA spacecraft and the NASA HiRise Mars altimeter (what does that even mean?).

The Conversation Series at Art Center, Huntington Library and the Pasadena Public Library offers experts, artists, professors and writers giving talks with such titles as Fire Season, Toxic Waterand Weather Report.

Go ahead and try to  resist going to this exhibit: “Stoked!” The Xiem Clay Center will host renowned Pasadena ceramic artist and lifelong surfer Stephen Horn. He and other surfer/ceramicists (!) will display works illustrating the essential co-mingling of fire and water in one of the world’s oldest artistic mediums.

How about watching art-in-progress? Muralists Christian Alderete and Arturo Gomez will be creating an Aztec-themed mural featuring elements of fire and water over a two-week period (October 1-16) at the Villa Parke Community Center.

We’ve touched on a mere handful of the many, many events that comprise the AxS Festival. So brew a cup of your favorite java or tea, grab a few pieces of paper and a pencil (not a pen, as you may need to make changes) and start planning your route to explore all the tantalizing, inspiring, thought-provoking options that this original and ambitious festival has to offer.

AxS Festival: Fire and Water
October 1-16, various locations around Pasadena
For details, go to AxS Festival




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