Altadenablog reports: Vroman's trees down, festival postponed

Feb 21, 2009

Check out today’s post from the very fine altadenablog — under the cover of night, the city of Pasadena cut down the controversial trees in front of Vroman’s. And although this morning’s Black History Month parade is going on now, the afternoon festival will be rescheduled, due to tensions over the police shooting on Thursday afternoon. (Which we stumbled across an hour after it happened, while driving the carpool home — we had no idea the city of Pasadena had so many police vehicles.)

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6 Responses for “Altadenablog reports: Vroman's trees down, festival postponed”

  1. More people into Pasadena means more problems & more police required. Why don’t we put a limit on the city population: no one can move in unless you get someone to move out first. So, the net pop will remain unchanged.

    I hope the Playhouse businesses will like the effect after those wunderful Ficus trees are killed off – the Playhouse Lessbusiness district.

  2. colleen says:

    The trees are breaking up the sidewalk, but they define that neighborhood just like the sidewalk-buckling camphor trees define my neighborhood. If anyone tried to take Prospect’s camphors down, there’d be a riot.

  3. Well, Santa Monica & Glendale have managed to come up with a way to live with their trees. I guess our biz’s & pols’s here in Pasadena are lazy, to say the least.

    It’s just that by this killing field of trees we’re improving the sidewalk, but on the other hand weakening the environment & beauty. The net gain is probably nothing, so….

  4. Skylar says:

    I heard something about boycotting Vroman’s due to the tree thing – is this just something made up in the grape vine? Did Vroman’s have anything to do with the trees downfall? I’m a wee bit confused about it all…

  5. skylar, it’s been reported by blogs, newspapers, and eyewitnesses to city council meetings, that Mr. Sheldon owner of Vroman’s was a biz leader who applied pressure on the city to cut down the Ficus/Carrotwood trees. It seems the ficus in front of his bookstore was one of the first to be felled. Yet, I also saw one story where he had a change of heart and wanted to reach a compromise with the tree supporters…

    But, it’s too little, too late. The trees have basically been killed off. That part of Colorado looks comparatively desolate and will really heat up in the summer w/o the beautiful shade those type of trees provided us on the ground. Nevertheless, I don’t support a boycott. Becuz of the economy, biz is effectively being boycotted already.

  6. colleen says:

    And Mr. Sheldon is but one person. Vroman’s is a vibrant community and the workplace for a great many fine people who should not suffer because of circumstance. And the city cut down the trees, not Vroman’s employees.



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