Aloha, Bahooka

Mar 7, 2013

BahookaSign_SamHowzitYou have three days left to order another serving crab puffs and sip on a Blue Hawaii or share a Scorpion before you have to say your final goodbyes to Rufus, the Pacu.

Bahooka Restaurant in Rosemead—”welcoming friends like you since 1967—is closing it’s doors.

If Bahooka is an old love of yours, say your farewell on their Facebook page and be aware that if you want a last visit, fans of the place are swarming the place, so the wait can be lengthy (sometimes as long as two hours).

Aloha, Bahooka family. May your loved ones be well and healthy, and we thank you for decades of Tiki love.

Rufus, the Pacu

Rufus, the Pacu









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