A New Oak for Armada

May 19, 2009

While we watch the city plant inappropriate palms in the Playhouse District, we’re happy to report the planting of just the right tree on the banks of the Arroyo: an Englemann Oak, aka a Pasadena Oak.

Sean, Dave and Ted Kennedy in front of the new Englemann Oak

Sean, Dave and Ted Kennedy in front of the new Englemann Oak

The occasion was the 68th birthday of Dave Kennedy, a longtime resident of the Prospect Park neighborhood. Dave has been battling brain cancer, and his family wanted to do something really special to honor him. His wife, Marilynne Kennedy, is past president of the East Arroyo Residents’ Association, so she knows a thing or two about City Hall. She got in touch with urban forester Darya Barar (yes, we have our very own urban forester in Pasadena), who found a remarkably mature oak ready for planting. Sons Sean and Ted volunteered to do the heavy digging, and they planted it at the Armada Overlook on Friday, May 15th, with help from some city folks and a couple of employees from neighboring Chandler School. It settled into its new home just in time for the Bike Week ride (led by Mayor Bill Bogaard) to stop at the Overlook on Saturday the 16th.

This is just one story of community in our community of towns, one that happened to take place in my neighborhood. If you have stories from your neighborhood, please share!

2 Responses for “A New Oak for Armada”

  1. “Inappropriate” trees!!
    What a great word, and so powerful for what was done behind it all.

    Even those Palms look plastic. And their skeletal tree mate…
    I don’t wanna get started on this again. Sometimes only very bright people can come up with such stupid decisions.

    I’m glad at least one majestic Tree made it into Pasadena.

  2. Bonnie Shannon says:

    The Pasadena Oak is a lovely honor for Dave Kennedy. He and his family are very special people, and it’s nice to know how many individuals love and respect them. Thank you for including Dave’s story in the article.



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