A Gift of a Weekend

Jan 24, 2010

Snow and palm trees: January 23, 2010

Wow. That’s all we can say about Saturday in the San Gabriel Valley. And Sunday’s not too shabby, either. Here’s our post about the storms we just had, and forecasts to come; the latest is more rain arriving Monday night or Tuesday, dry Wednesday and Thursday, and another good-size storm next weekend.

Everyone wants to go up to the snow, which led to most of the roads into popular snow areas being so overwhelmed yesterday that the CHP had to shut them down. Equally big crowds are expected today, so word the wise: Try to save your snow day for later. We’re going to have white stuff for a while.

Unless you’re sick, if you’re not outside today — hiking, gardening, golfing, strolling, playing tennis, cycling, playing with kids and/or dogs — well, you’re crazy.

1 Response for “A Gift of a Weekend”

  1. CDB, you looked good this morning in the raw (knbc, I mean) discussing the new edition of Eat LA! I hope you didn’t have to get up earlier than normal 4 that program.



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