710 Freeway Meeting

Aug 8, 2012

Wednesday, August 8th, the Metro’s Community Liaison Council Meeting will now be held at the Pasadena Scottish Rite Center at 150 N. Madison Avenue from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

This meeting is in regard to the “SR-710 Study” project that’s looking into the idea of connecting the 710 Freeway with possibly the I-210 Freeway or Highway 34. At the moment, it appears as though the project is in a “pre-Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) stage.” Metro plans to have public hearings on the completed EIR document at the end of 2013.

One idea is to bridge the 4.5 mile “gap” between the 710 and other transportation corridors by burrowing a tunnel underneath South Pasadena and Pasadena, as well as creating more “surface-level” streets. Caltrans has been working to build a connection route since the 1960s.

City Council Meeting on 710 Freeway – The public is welcome to attend.
Wednesday, Aug. 8th, 6:30-7:30 p.m.
Pas. Scottish Rite Center, 150 N. Madison Ave.
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  1. Thank you Hometown Pasadena, for highlighting this issue—there is much more to this story!
    The news is potentially dire for residents of West Pasadena, San Rafael neighborhoods, Avenue 64 and beyond: two alternative routes proposed by Metro for the 710 extension would cut through as follows:
    -the “H-2” would be a 6 lane highway down Ave 64 and Colorado Blvds and would destroy at least 70 neighborhood homes and businesses;
    -the “F-5” would be an 8-10 lane freeway over Glen Summer, Annandale, Hermosa, Laguna, Lagunita, La Loma, San Rafael Avenue and otherh strees and would destroy at least 150 homes and businesses, including The Kitchen, Little Flower, and Stoney Point (to name few).—in the interest of full disclosure, my own home is on San Rafael Avenue and would be destroyed.
    Obviously, I adamantly oppose adoption, or even consideration , of these proposals.

    Metro claims that by 8/29 they will have voted to take the 12 plans they are considering and whittle it down to a list of 5–if either of these proposals is in the list of 5, then homeowners in the subject areas would be in a limbo position for at least three years (while the proposals were under “review and study”) : the homes could not be sold, could not be refinanced , etc. In effect, while the homes would not be destroyed (yet–until/unless a proposal were adopted) the homeowners property interests would be!

    Those interested in learning more and/or opposing these plans should attend the Metro meeting tonight(as above), the Pasadena City Council meeting Wed 8/13 at the Convention Center) and should write to Metro ( and local officials including Mayor Bogaard and City Council members.

    Thank you.



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