Salvation Army Antique Store

Feb 9, 2011

Behind the huge Salvation Army Thrift Store lies this smaller cottage where the better goods go. That’s not to say this is fancy stuff—it’s still a funky thrift shop, with the expected racks of old clothing and household tchotchkes. But this is where the better furniture goes, and savvy shoppers stop in weekly for a quick gander at the goods. You might just find a midcentury modern chair, a desk for your office, or a cute little kitchen table for your college kid. Prices are on the low side of low.

Staples: Furniture ranging from the used to the collectible; jeans and other clothing.

Don’t Miss: The back room, where you’ll find most of the furniture.

We Like: Their generous policy on the Tuesday senior-citizen-discount day—be nice to them, and even if you’re a decade or two away from being a senior, you might get the extra discount.

Thrift & Antiques | 35 Waverly Dr., Pasadena, 626.795.0274,



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