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Jan 26, 2015

DSC_0013Twenty-seven North Mentor Avenue in Pasadena used to house a high-end guitar shop. What caught Lydia and Mo’s eyes was a wedding dress on display in the large picture window of Connie Tao Designs. What sealed the deal was the empty space next door.

They’d found the perfect spot for Lyd & Mo Photography.

When renovation began, Mo and Lydia had no idea what they were up against. The old guitar shop had a 9 x 9 foot room with four layers of sound proofing. It took four long days to simply tear down the room and another four days to haul the wreckage to the dump.

Lyd and Mo wanted the space to be open, inviting, and available for shooting. A simple, colorful, stylish sitting area welcomes prospective clients and a dining table is set up for more formal interactions. A wall was built at the very back to create an area for the business (non-creative) side of the things and a break room, which also doubles as a changing room. A guitar leans against one wall amidst folding chairs, a plant, and a tripod in case of a quiet moment when Mo can strum a few bars.




The interior of Lyd & Mo Photography has been designed so everything is moveable, rearranged depending on what’s needed for a particular studio shoot, let it be engagement photos, a portrait, or family pictures.






Mo started working as a photographer at newspapers with fashion, lifestyle, and editorial assignments. He found fashion the easiest because a whole team is involved: make-up, hair, wardrobe, stylist, art director, and a specific location.

Fifteen years ago, Mo was working on a commercial shoot when the art director told him that he should shoot weddings, before adding, Do mine first! Mo confesses he was nervous and anxious photographing his first wedding—and, moreover, a colleague’s wedding—but he found out he loved it, too.


Christina & Nick - 154


Short of war photography, Mo considers wedding photography the hardest. There’s no art director, no team, and the location is often challenging. How does one make images from a reception set in a simple church rec room come alive? Mo admits shooting weddings can be nerve-racking—one has to think fast and react faster—but at the end of the day when he and Lyd are reviewing pics, he always thinks, This is fantastic.

Mo’s forte is on-location. Lyd is drawn toward studio work. But they’re a team no matter where they are.


Mo and Lydia

Mo and Lydia


Lyd and Mo strive for an organic feel to their pictures. Back in the day of film, Mo shot a LOT of film and had a reputation for doing so. He says he still does because as one shoots, there’s an interacting arc that builds to the exact moment where the picture is waiting for the photographer to snap and capture the image.




Lydia loves weddings because it’s a person’s happiest day, she says. She enjoys being the invisible person that just happens to be there, moving among the guests, capturing smiles, personal interactions, laughter, and the emotion and joy of the day.

When interested parties need a photographer for an event or project, Lydia and Mo invite them for a consultation, firstly and most importantly to see if they are a suitable match. It’s important to them that potential clients see their work, hear how they shoot, and know what to expect when they hire Lyd & Mo Photography.


Thai-7bw copy


While they take long, establishing shots, Lydia and Mo focus on close-ups. Their style is intimate, their goal to capture authentic moments, and to make viewers feel as though they are there—in the room, amongst the crowd, experiencing and enjoying the event themselves.

Lyd & Mo Photography, 27 N. Mentor Ave., Pasadena 91106. Tel.: 626.652.8302.



















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