Aug 3, 2015

Brian_Mallman_art_1aby Holly Boruck
Director, Surrogate Gallery Projects
Exhibit curator, “Illuminate”


I love the word, ‘Illuminate’.

It carries with it a richly diverse range of meaning from referencing deeper existential investigations to simply brightening a space with light.

The definition of ‘illuminate’ is associated with discovery, celebration, enlightenment, and acts that clarify, explain and elucidate. Historical examples give us the illuminated manuscripts, where the visual illustrations helped give meaning to the accompanying text. Another historical reference is the word ‘illuminati’, founded by a medieval Bavarian secret society and that continues to appeal to our sense of intrigue about the dark areas and recessed shadows of contemporary societal machinations.

The quality of illumination on an object or in an environment impacts our perceptions, both physically and emotionally. Light and its absence can reveal and hide, answer questions or deepen mysteries.

The work in this exhibition represent a variety of formal and/or contextual connections to the word ‘illuminate’. Some works explore ideas that are hidden, mysterious or revelatory. Others offer meditations on light and space, sometimes playful and lighthearted. Collectively they communicate the breath and beauty of the word ‘illuminate’.




“Illuminate” includes artists Therese Conte who, besides earning an MFA, and BA and MA in Studio Art at various local universities, studied at Arts Center in Pasadena; Barbara Lai Bennett; Erika Lizée; Brian Mallman; Miles H. Lewis; Cindy Rehm; and Susan Feldman-Tucker who will have some rope drawings and plexy/canvas/collage wall sculptures.


Searching the Landscape of the Unknown by Erika Lizee

Searching the Landscape of the Unknown by Erika Lizée


Opening reception, Saturday, Aug. 8th, 6-10 p.m.
Regular gallery hours: Fridays, 1-8 p.m.; Saturdays, 6-9 p.m.
Continues through September 5th
Surrogate Gallery Projects
123 Morgan Alley (parking lot behind Chase bank), Pasadena
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Boruck’s aim with Surrogate Gallery Projects is to connect artists with empty spaces, then bring the community to those empty spaces to connect with art.


22.FoA by Cindy Rehm

22.FoA by Cindy Rehm



Brian Mallman in front of one of his pieces from the series "Meetings" (2007); photo by Jody Miller

Brian Mallman in front of one of his pieces from the series “Meetings” (2007); photo by Jody Miller





Image, top right: Art work by Brian Mallman, partial, from series “A Bit Too Quiet” (2012).



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