Mar 3, 2010

This tucked-away shop is named for the proprietor’s daughter, Isabella, whose best friend nicknamed her “bee-la” when they were very small. And speaking of small: This space is a tiny cube, about ten feet on a side, completely filled with eclectic gifts for friends, kids or yourself. You will feel as if you’ve entered owner Deb Doumitt’s brain as you take in this artfully curated collection of what catches her fancy, including Ugly Dolls, handmade oven mitts, skull purses, cheeky magnets, a great selection of cards and unusual baby clothes, reading matter that ranges from board books to hiking guides, and Sierra Madre-manufactured lip gloss. Don’t go with more than one other person, or you’ll have to take turns shopping – but go!

The Staples: Kids’ gifts, purses & accessories, cards and books.

Don’t Miss: Edgy art books tucked among the frills.

We Like:  Being appreciated for being a customer — just before Valentine’s Day, we got a little lagniappe tucked into our shopping bag: a tiny cello bag filled with candy hearts, gum drops and a card that said “Thank you for popping in!”

Gift & Home | 24 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. B, Sierra Madre, 626.355.2906

2 Responses for “”

  1. margaret says:

    Love this store. Glad to see it featured.

  2. Mel Malmberg says:

    me too, these personal, super-curated stores are the best and always intriguing/surprising, a destination in themselves almost



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