Laemmle 7 Hosts Indie Flicks

Aug 29, 2012

Actor Matthew Newton; photo by Matt Sayles/AP

Where can you Reclaim Your Brain, get some Moola, be part of A Wedding Party, and go Face to Face with Abebe Bikila, The Athlete?

At the new Film Festival Flix, a monthly film series coming to Pasadena’s Laemmle Playhouse 7 on Wednesday, September 5th. This is a production of Mouse Trap Films and their goal is to bring independent films that have been critically acclaimed, succeeded at film festivals, and won awards into 25 different communities a month. So far, the map on their website shows 8 cities from New Haven, Montgomery, Miami, and Salt Lake City, to our very own Pasadena.

Each time they put together a Film Festival Flix event, the idea is to show 3 feature-length films, followed by a question and answer period with either the filmmakers or actors. The 3 films will include a documentary or foreign film; a horror, thriller, or action film; and what they are calling a “Signature Feature.” After the screening and Q&A, they offer the audience to participate in a “meet and greet” either onsite, or at a nearby restaurant or bar.

The September 5th event appears to be showing two films. The early show is Face to Face, an Aussie flick about ten people from diverse backgrounds sitting around determining the fate of a violent young man. In 2011, it won 15 awards at various film festivals from Monaco to Sedona. Michael Moore called it “riveting, thought provoking, (and) transformative.”

The other choice will be Expiration, which is simply described as “Everyone has an expiration date.” The trailer has extreme hand-held camera cinematography that made us a wee bit nauseous, and lots of blood gushing out of mouths. We couldn’t find any reviews of this action/horror/thriller combo, so if you dare to go see it, let us know. Is it festival fare or a Rotten Tomatoes candidate?

Film Festival Flix
Laemmle Playhouse 7
673 E. Colorado Blvd.
Wednesday, September 5th
Face to Face at 7 p.m.; Expiration at 9:30 p.m.
For more info and to purchase tickets, visit or



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