A Taste of Fall

Nov 29, 2012


It’s not an East Coast fall—with hundred year old maples blinding you with thousands of bright yellow leaves, or the next tree with mixes of oranges, or the one after that with shades of reds from raspberry to burgundy. Here in Southern California, we have to look for our fall.

We found a patch of autumn this afternoon on Park Avenue in South Pasadena. We snapped some pics and then shuffled our feet like we used to do as a kid back in Connecticut when the fallen leaves along the sidewalks on the way to elementary school were inches thick.

On the weekends, we were wrangled out of our cozy beds into the early, too-cold morning to rake the leaves in the yard, our faces refusing to crack a smile. Only after we’d raked them together, making “huge” mounds towards which we raced and into which we jumped did our smiles and laughter emerge. (And, yes, we had to rake the leaves together all over again, but somehow it no longer felt a drudgery.)


All photos by Kat Ward



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